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Recurrent Ventures Acquires Futurism from Singularity University
Tuesday 27 July 2021

US-based digital media company Recurrent Ventures has acquired emergent technology and science news site Futurism, the company said.

popular emergent technology and science news site, Recurrent CEO Lance Johnson announced TODAY.

Futurism has grown its readership through original feature reporting and accessible news coverage of concepts like AI, rocket launches, sustainability and genetics.

The brand's leadership includes James Del, Foster Kamer, and Jon Christian.

The outlet will join Recurrent's science, tech, and outdoor division, which is also home to Popular Science, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Popular Photography, and more.

Founded in 2014, Futurism has grown from a single science page on Reddit.

The site was acquired by Singularity University in 2019 as an independent media organization and features three distinct verticals: Futurism, The Byte (a flash-news digest), and Neoscope (a medical technology and cutting-edge medical science blog).

Futurism's website, newsletter, and social feeds will operate continuously throughout the transition of ownership. North Equity LLC is an investor in Recurrent, with Allen and Overy LLC serving as legal counsel for Recurrent.

Since 2014, Futurism has been a growing source of cutting-edge science and technology news coverage. From cybersecurity, to cryptocurrency, AI, quantum computing, off-world exploration, genetic engineering, green technologies, and then some, Futurism's beat is the world beyond the horizon.

Recurrent is a digital media company whose brands include Popular Science, Domino, MEL, Outdoor Life, The Drive, Field and Stream, Saveur, and Task and Purpose.

Initially founded in 2018 with the acquisition of The Drive, the portfolio expanded under the ownership and backing of North Equity LLC to include more than 15 digital media brands across automotive, home, outdoors, specialty, and military verticals.

Recurrent is headquartered in Miami, with offices in New York and San Francisco, and a virtual-first workforce across the United States.
Date Published: 27/07/2021