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Playvox Acquires Customer AI Specialist Prodsight
Friday 14 January 2022

US-based workforce engagement management solutions provider Playvox has acquired AI-driven customer interaction analytics provider Prodsight, the company said.

Prodsight uncovers customer insights by analyzing customer conversations and feedback with the use of artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Recognized by G2 as a High Performer for Feedback Analytics, Prodsight automatically analyzes and tags conversations captured in third-party applications, including Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Intercom, for topics and sentiment.

Prodsight will become Playvox Customer AI, effective immediately, offering Playvox customers advanced sentiment analysis, text analytics, and sophisticated auto-tagging.

The company said the acquisition will strengthen Quality Management and Coaching with sentiment analysis and tag management and unlock future enhancements for customers across the Playvox suite over the coming quarters.
Date Published: 14/01/2022