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Patheous Health Acquires Carolina Speech Pathology to Expand Diagnostic Imaging Services
Thursday 25 May 2023

Kansas, US-based dysphagia healthcare provider Patheous Health has acquired North Carolina-based Carolina Speech Pathology, LLC, a provider of mobile fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallow (FEES) study services to expand diagnostic imaging services for dysphagia healthcare, the company said.

With this acquisition, Patheous Health continues to build innovative services and solutions that improve dysphagia patient care outcomes, increase access to care, and lower healthcare costs.

This is Patheous Health's second acquisition since 2020 and expands the company's mobile dysphagia imaging and education service to eighteen states.

Patheous Health, Inc. is in dysphagia and swallowing impairment conditions with its integrated dysphagia healthcare platform.
Date Published: 25/05/2023