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Florence Acquires Zipnosis to Expand Telehealth and Hybrid Care Offerings in Health Care
Thursday 25 May 2023

New York-based health tech company Florence Labs, Inc. has acquired Minnesota-based virtual care solution Zipnosis to expand suite of offerings across telehealth and hybrid health care, the company said.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Through this acquisition, Florence will broaden its product offerings with synchronous and asynchronous virtual care and further their mission to create a consumer-centric interface that engages patients at every stage of their journey across virtual and physical care to solve healthcare's most significant constraint: clinical capacity.

Adding to Florence's platform, Zipnosis boosts patient accessibility and frees up 99% of provider work time by using intelligent adaptive interviews that enable care delivery in just 89 seconds.

Florence creates solutions address clinical capacity with technology that enables healthcare providers to deliver faster, higher quality and more accessible care while reducing costs via consumer-grade patient experiences that automate workflows for staff.

Zipnosis, dba DocSquad LLC, is a health tech company that offers a white-labeled virtual care solution that uses asynchronous telemedicine to connect patients with local board-certified physicians.
Date Published: 25/05/2023