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Ex Populus Acquires PC Game, Augmented Reality and Toy Firm LAMO
Wednesday 23 November 2022

US-based Web3 gaming ecosystem Ex Populus has acquired LAMO, an expansive entertainment package that includes a PC game, Augmented Reality Experience, and toy line, the company said.

LAMO made waves over the past few years as it licensed a slew of top tier gaming streamers to be playable characters in the PC game companion collectible interactive vinyl figures.

Ex Populus said it will tie the mediums together with interoperable Web3 technology.

The addition of the game franchise expands Ex Populus' already portfolio of games.

Alongside the acquisition, Ex Populus has brought on Joseph Ganetakos who was previously part of the senior design staff for the Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs franchises (Ubisoft) and a former Game director at Netease.

Ganetakos said he plans to expand the PC gaming experience into a full kingdom-building multiplayer ARPG set in a fantasy archipelago world, where players interact with a narrative campaign, develop their own islands and participate in both ranked PvP and social events for rewards and prestige.

Web3 tech will make it easier for players to take their collectibles and creations with them around the Metaverse, Ex Populus said.

Ex Populus is backed by Animoca, Com2US, CMS, CitizenX and several other prominent game and Web3 investors.

The company has sold out multiple collectible drops over the past year including LAMO avatars, Decentralized Autonomous GigaUnits trading card set, and Mike Tyson's Iron Pigeons trading card set alongside Final Form, a trading card management and evolution game.
Date Published: 23/11/2022