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Diversified Medical Healthcare Acquires Reinsaid OSHA Mandate Compliance Mobile App
Wednesday 29 December 2021

US-based healthcare solutions holding company Diversified Medical Healthcare has acquired a mobile app providing solutions for employer mandate compliance with the upcoming OSHA mandate for large businesses, the company said.

The app, ConfirmD, created by Buddycheque LLC, serves as a digital health wallet for each employee, keeping their medical records in one user-friendly and secure platform.

With an administrator dashboard, employers can view the status of COVID-19 testing and vaccinations across their organization at-a-glance, making reporting and compliance streamlined and simple.

The app can be implemented in days and will make a drastic difference for businesses and their operations in the weeks and months ahead.

ConfirmD generates custom QR codes for each app user to store their vaccination records and test results in one place.

This can be accessed by a facial recognition feature for maximized privacy from any mobile device.

The HIPAA compliant platform also has the capability to integrate with any laboratory information management system to enable employees and employers to access COVID-19 results in real-time, as soon as the lab processes the results.

Buddycheque, LLC, the company which created the ConfirmD app, was founded by Dr. Ramsey Kilani, Karl Wagner, Bob Ramsey, and Alex Chatel who have amassed years of expertise in the industries of healthcare and tech security.

The ConfirmD app is now powered by OnGen medical data management software company, which is a part of the portfolio of Diversified Medical Healthcare companies which deliver innovative solutions for the healthcare industry for molecular diagnostics, medical supplies, laboratory equipment, and medical software.

Diversified Medical Healthcare, headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina is a holding entity with several portfolio companies providing healthcare solutions for improved patient care nationwide.

Their fully accredited laboratories include Premier Medical Laboratory Services, Dynasty Medical Laboratory Services, and First Medical Laboratory Services.

DMH also provides medical supply and equipment distribution under Vessel Medical, delivers custom procedure trays for various surgical needs with CPT Medical, and helps to quickly and accurately manage medical data with their medical data software company, OnGen.
Date Published: 29/12/2021