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Berks Group Acquires US Training Company 180 Skills
Friday 14 January 2022

US-based holding company Berks Group has acquired US-based skills-based training provider 180 Skills, the company said.

180 Skills is focused on skills-based training to help manufacturers increase productivity and decrease turnover.

180 has a library of on-line skills courses for manufacturing. Courses range from technical training to specific compliance and regulatory content.

The course work provides powerful tools for employers, schools, workforce boards and associations to build their people.

The Berks education technology platform already includes Valor Manufacturing Training. Valor is delivering interactive training content for companies in the food and precision manufacturing industries.

The Berks Group is a family of companies with holdings in education technology, high-value precision manufacturing, technology infrastructure and better-for-you consumer brands.

The Bradley family also owns the News-Press and Gazette company which has media holdings in digital, broadcast television, radio and publishing.

180 Skills is an end-to-end online manufacturing skills training solution that enables employers, educators, and workforce professionals to deliver on-demand, high-quality, low-cost, manufacturing skills training.

Valor Manufacturing Training offers employee training and retention solutions by providing turn-key, training content and delivery platforms to manufacturing organizations to reduce the long and short-term costs associated with training, employee turnover and retention.

The company was founded in 2016 and became a part of the NPG/Berks Group portfolio in 2018.
Date Published: 14/01/2022