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ZapIT! Medical Acquires OnPoint Diagnostic to Expand QC Testing Capabilities
Tuesday 13 March 2018

13 March 2018 - Ohio, US-based medical software developer ZapIT! has acquired analysis web application OnPoint Diagnostic from Tennessee, US-based Alliance HealthCare Services to expand efficiencies in QC testing capabilities, the company said.
Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
ZapIT! said the integration of the OnPoint application into ZapIT's quality assurance record web application (EQAR) increases the value of a comprehensive EQAR, improving efficiency and accuracy by minimising time required to perform QC testing.
ZapIT! said it continues to invest in enhancing OnPoint and the core offering with more features and functionality.
OnPoint's software as a service (SaaS) solution performs automatic analysis of phantom quality control images, addressing quality, regulatory and accreditation demands being placed on hospitals and imaging centres. 
Date Published: 13/03/2018
Target: Alliance HealthCare Services
Country: USA
Sector: Healthcare
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Buyer: ZapIT!
Terms of the deal were not disclosed