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Veriforce Launches New Brand Identity Following Merger with PEC Safety
Friday 22 May 2020

US-based supply chain risk and compliance management solution Veriforce has launched a new brand identity following its 2019 merger with PEC Safety, the company said.

The new Veriforce brand reflects the organization's evolution, solution portfolio, and its position as an industry leader in contract workforce safety and compliance solutions designed to bring workers home safely and drive operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Veriforce has the industry's largest interconnected safety and compliance network comprising 400 leading hiring companies across industry verticals, including oil and gas, manufacturing, chemicals, utilities, construction and telecommunications, in addition to 25,000 contractor companies, 9,000 accredited safety trainers and authorized evaluators, and 1.5m individual workers.

The company is committed to enhancing workforce and community safety.

The new brand embraces Veriforce Comply, a SaaS platform engineered to optimize supply chain risk and compliance operations; Assure, a solution comprised of embedded best practices and incremental service offerings that ensure data quality and integrity; PEC Learn, a broad portfolio of learning content and software leveraged to deliver, track and validate required worker-level training initiatives; and the Veriforce Network, a massive cohort of companies and workers that leverage the Veriforce platform and principles to ensure work gets done safely and in accordance with regulatory mandates.

The Veriforce brand initiative was informed by extensive market research, data analysis and customer feedback, and was executed in partnership with Skiver Advertising of Costa Mesa, California.

A new corporate website reflects the brand identity, optimizes the customer experience and showcases the company's advantages, solution sets and competitive strengths.

Veriforce, created in 2019 by the merger of PEC Safety and Veriforce, is a recognized leader in delivering comprehensive, integrated supply chain risk management solutions that help bring workers home safely and optimize business performance.

The company's SaaS safety and compliance platform, data integrity and verification practices, and standardized safety training programs empower leading organizations to drive safety and compliance into their supply chains and down to the worker-level.

Veriforce has built the world's premier supply chain risk performance network, comprising more than 400 hiring clients, 25,000 contracting companies, 9,000 accredited safety trainers and authorized evaluators, and over 1.5 m workers.

It's this network that makes Veriforce the preferred partner for companies that strive to ensure a safe, qualified third-party workforce, to stay ahead of risk, and achieve optimal business performance. company offices are located in The Woodlands, TX and Covington, LA.
Date Published: 22/05/2020