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Symphony Technology Group Acquires EthosCE to Expand Healthcare-Focussed Education
Monday 03 August 2020

California-based software development-focussed private equity firm Symphony Technology Group has acquired Pennsylvania-based healthcare learning management system provider EthosCE, the company said.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

This acquisition underscores STG's commitment to building a unique, market-leading software platform offering continuing education, professional development, events, learning and content management solutions to associations, healthcare and life sciences organisations, hospitals, and universities globally.

The EthosCE acquisition is part of a larger strategy by STG to create a unified platform, as outlined in CadmiumCD's acquisition announcement earlier this year.

EthosCE is a learning management system for medical associations, academic medical centres, health systems, and medical education companies produced by DLC Solutions, LLC.

Symphony Technology Group is the private equity partner to market leading companies in data, software, and analytics. The firm brings expertise, flexibility, and resources to build strategic value and unlock the potential of innovative companies.
Date Published: 03/08/2020