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Smart Soda Launches Brand in UK, Buys Canada Dealer
Friday 12 August 2022

US-based healthy beverages brand Smart Soda Holdings, Inc has launched companies in The United Kingdom and Canada, the company said.

Smart Soda said it has launched Smart Soda UK backed by an experienced management team, local production lines and premium-quality equipment.

The beverage company operates as a solitary player overseas and is the only beverage company in the UK and Europe for customers seeking "better for you" flavoured sparkling waters and sodas for offices and restaurants.

Also, Smart Soda has finalized the acquisition of Smart Soda Canada, a former Smart Soda dealer.

Smart Soda is a universe of functional beverages crafted with alkaline water serving up a wide-ranging flavor portfolio.

Presently, the company is Pre-IPO. Smart Soda has offices in the UK and Canada and is positioned for massive expansion, both globally and locally. Smart Soda works with fortune 500 companies such as 7-11, Sysco, Aramark, Uber, Citi Bank, and more.
Date Published: 12/08/2022