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Smart Eye Acquires iMotions for SEK 400m
Wednesday 27 October 2021

Swedish human insight AI Smart Eye has agreed to acquire Denmark-based iMotions, a biometric platforms, neuromarketing, psychology, VR, and engineering solutions provider for SEK 400m (USD 46.6m) to accelerate product innovation in human behavior research, the company said.

Smart Eye will couple its advanced eye tracking and emotion AI technologies with iMotions' multiple-sensor data collection and analytics software to create human behavioral research and analysis.

Together they will provide an end-to-end, multi-modal approach to analysing complex human behaviors and delivering holistic human insights.

iMotions, which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Smart Eye Group.

The acquisition will accelerate iMotions' product innovation, particularly in the areas of remote and mobile data collection and analysis, by providing access to capital and expertise in machine learning and data acquisition and annotation.

Integrating iMotions' Behavioral Research Suite will expand multi-modal data and synchronised analytics, helping to accelerate Smart Eye's leadership in the rapidly emerging field of Human Insight AI in automotive but also in new markets.
Date Published: 27/10/2021