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Proliant Biologicals Acquires Boval BioSolutions from Lifecycle Biotechnologies to Boost Position in BSA Market
Wednesday 11 September 2019

11 September 2019 - Iowa, US-based life science company Proliant Biologicals, LLC has acquired BSA manufacturer Boval BioSolutions from Texas, US-based Lifecycle Biotechnologies to boost leadership position in BSA market, the company said.
The acquisition concluded on September 2, 2019 and financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Proliant said this acquisition will further strengthen Proliant's position as the industry leader in protein fractionation and albumin manufacturing. The addition of Boval further enhances Proliant's ability to bring value and innovation to its customers.
As part of the Lauridsen Group (LGI), Proliant Biologicals was founded in 2000 and is one of seven operating companies.
With a focus on the Life Science industries, Proliant Biologicals manufactures and markets high purity plasma fractionations as well as animal extracts for microbiological research.
Core markets include In-Vitro diagnostics (human and animal), vaccine production (human and animal), biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, nutraceutical, and life science research industries.
Boval BioSolutions is a producer of customisable high purity Bovine Serum Albumin Powders and custom Bovine Serum Albumin Solutions.
LGI is in animal-derived products that serve the human and animal health industries.
Date Published: 11/09/2019
Target: Boval BioSolutions
Country: USA
Sector: Biotechnology
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Vendor: Lifecycle Biotechnologies
Buyer: Proliant Biologicals, LLC
Terms of the deal were not disclosed