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Metro Supply Chain´s Pivot Logistics Acquires Ontario Operations of Canada-Based Van De Water-Raymond
Wednesday 16 May 2018

16 May 2018 - Pivot Logistics, Inc., a company of Canada-based third-party logistics services provider Metro Supply Chain Group, has acquired the Ontario warehousing and distribution operations of Canada-based distribution and marketing services provider Van De Water-Raymond Ltd., the company said.
Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Metro Group said the acquisition further expands Metro's Canadian footprint and builds on its CPG expertise which includes specialist markets such as pet care.
The Metro Supply Chain Group of Companies supplies customised services in the consumer-packaged goods, retail, automotive / specialist products, fashion and e-commerce sectors.
The group manages over 12 m sq. ft. of strategically located warehousing and co-pack centres and has transportation solutions that include managed transport services, dedicated fleet management, last mile solutions and global time critical logistics response.
Van De Water-Raymond serves the Canadian consumer packaged goods industry with a strong focus on grocery and pharmaceuticals. Van de Water-Raymond is a family-owned business, offering sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution.
More than 140 employees, active mainly in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, meet the needs of businesses at all levels of trade in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as supermarkets and small retailers.
Date Published: 16/05/2018
Target: Van De Water-Raymond/ warehousing and distribution operations
Country: Canada
Sector: Road Transport/Freight Transport
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Vendor: Van De Water-Raymond
Buyer: Pivot Logistics
Terms of the deal were not disclosed