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MercachemSyncom Closes Acquisition of Dutch CMC Drug Substance Development Site Alcami Weert
Monday 13 January 2020

13 January 2020 - European drug-discovery contract research organisation MercachemSyncom has acquired Alcami's European cGMP CMC drug substance development site, based in Weert, the Netherlands, the company said.

The acquisition will allow MercachemSyncom to support larger scale clinical active pharmaceutical ingredient requirements, alongside current capabilities in Prague, as well as bringing solid-state research capabilities.

The Weert team will complement process research capabilities based in Groningen and Nijmegen.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

The Weert facility, originally founded in 1999 as Chemshop B.V., has steadily developed into a contract development and manufacturing organisation, with a highly skilled workforce focused on applying appropriate development to transition laboratory-scale chemistry to cGMP clinical drug substance production in an integrated, risk-managed fashion.

The site employs reactors with capacities from 10L to 1000L and has delivered hundreds of clinical compounds since its inception.

A recent addition includes a high-throughput X-ray powder diffraction workflow to expand impressive physicochemical research capabilities, such as polymorph screening and salt selection studies, combined with crystallization process development on scale.

MercachemSyncom is a mid-sized European contract research organisation offering innovative chemistry, medicinal chemistry, early drug substance development, and GMP production services to accelerate the drug discovery and development process in a flexible and cost-effective way.
Date Published: 13/01/2020
Target: cGMP CMC drug substance development site, based in Weert, the Netherlands
Country: Netherlands
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Vendor: Alcami
Buyer: MercachemSyncom
Terms of the deal were not disclosed