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LHP Engineering Acquires Drivven to Transition PCG Module, Driven Brand
Tuesday 13 August 2019

13 August 2019 - Indiana, US-based National Instruments (NI) and LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP) has partnered to transition distribution of current NI PCG Modules and Drivven Brand to the LHP Technology Solutions team in San Antonio, US , the company said. 
Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
LHP is now the sole distributor of the PCG module line. Along with the Module transition, LHP has also acquired the Drivven name and brand.
The LHPTS team has a long-standing history with the Drivven brand and product line. Drivven was born in 2003 and was since purchased by National Instruments in 2010 and re-branded the NI Powertrain Controls Group (NI PCG).
In 2017, LHP absorbed NI PCG and has since been working towards developing cutting-edge technology for direct interface with automotive engines and subsystems. 
LHP said the transition of the PCG module line from NI to LHP will give customers more open and flexible support, resulting in greater customisation and integration to current National Instruments systems. LHP's long standing history as an NI support contract holder, NI Alliance Partner, and integrator within the automotive industry gives customers a dependable partner to carry out the module line.
LHP has been in the National Instruments partner network since 2008, and a service provider to the NI PCG product line for the last 2 years.
As former Drivven and National Instruments employees, the LHP Technology Solutions team, has over 17 years deep automotive domain knowledge specific to engine applications.
Date Published: 13/08/2019
Target: Distribution of current NI PCG Modules and Drivven Brand
Country: USA
Sector: Machinery/Engineering
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Vendor: National Instruments,  
Buyer: LHP Engineering Solutions,  
Terms of the deal were not disclosed