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insitro Acquires Haystack Sciences to Add Machine Learning-Driven Therapeutics
Friday 23 October 2020

US-based machine learning driven drug discovery and development company insitro has acquired San Francisco-based Haystack Sciences, a private company advancing proprietary methods to drive machine-learning enabled drug discovery, the company said.

Financial details of the acquisition are not disclosed.

Haystack's approach focusses on synthesising, breeding and analysing large, diverse combinatorial chemical libraries encoded by unique DNA sequences called DNA-encoded libraries, or DELs.

With the acquisition of Haystack, insitro will leverage the company's DEL technology to collect massive small molecule data sets that inform the construction of machine learning models able to predict drug activity from molecular structure.

With the addition of the Haystack technology and team, insitro has taken a step toward building in-house capabilities for fully integrated drug discovery and development.

insitro is a data-driven drug discovery and development company using machine learning and high-throughput biology to transform the way that drugs are discovered and delivered to patients.

Haystack Sciences seeks to inform and speed drug discovery by acquiring data of best-in-class accuracy and dimensionality from DNA Encoded Libraries.
Date Published: 23/10/2020