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Holiday Island Holdings Is in Talks with M and A Candidates
Wednesday 12 June 2019

12 June 2019 - US-based Holiday Island Holdings, Inc. (OTC: HIHI), a development stage company operating in the land development sector of the market is in talks with a couple of merger and acquisition candidates, the company said.
The company is currently in talks with two different privately held companies about rolling them under HIHI.
One company is a resort management operation and the other company is in the recreational land development.
The company's main goals for 2019 are to finalise a multi-m dollar fund raise and become a significant player in local commercial and residential markets at Holiday Island, Arkansas.
Holiday Island Holdings is operating its core business in land development in a continued effort to acquire and further develop income producing commercial and residential real estate located in Holiday Island, Arkansas.
The company is in the process of further developing a town poised to become the largest community between Northwest Arkansas Metroplex and Branson, Missouri, and prosper in its participation in the local retail, commercial, and residential markets.
Date Published: 12/06/2019
Target: Two target companies, one in resort management, the other in recreational land development
Country: USA
Sector: Construction/Real Estate
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Talks
Buyer: Holiday Island Holdings
Terms of the deal were not disclosed