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G and A Partners Acquires California PEO Focus Management Group
Thursday 10 January 2019

10 January 2019 - US-based professional employer organisation G and A Partners has acquired the accounts of California, US-based professional employer organisation and HR outsourcing provider Focus Management Group, the company said.

With the addition of Focus Management Group's accounts, G and A Partners now serves nearly 47,000 worksite employees and over 1,300 clients across the US and Latin America, further establishing the firm as one of the largest privately held professional employer organizations in the nation.

This acquisition is G and A Partners' fifth in just over one year, following its acquisitions of Ascend HR Solutions in November 2017, Employer Essentials in December 2017, Platinum Colorado in June 2018, and Zogg Benefits in August 2018.

As part of the acquisition, G and A Partners will be retaining all of Focus Management Group's corporate employees, including Scott Shumway, FMG's president and CEO.

Shumway will maintain minority ownership in the company, help oversee the transition, and work with carriers and local brokers to provide competitive benefits and workers' compensation insurance coverage to California clients.

This is the second time G and A Partners has worked with Shumway on an acquisition, following the purchase of FMG's book of business in Utah in 2013.

G and A Partners provides solutions and technology in the areas of human resources, employee benefits and payroll administration.

Headquartered in Houston, G and A Partners has offices throughout Texas, as well as in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Utah and Latin America.
Date Published: 10/01/2019
Target: Focus Management Group/ accounts
Country: USA
Sector: Business and Consumer Services
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Vendor: Focus Management Group
Buyer: G and A Partners,  
Terms of the deal were not disclosed