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Fi360 Acquires Blue Prairie Group´s Stable Value Data Collection
Monday 11 February 2019

11 February 2019 - Pennsylvania, US-based fiduciary-related education and technology provider Fi360 has agreed to acquire the stable value fund quantitative research and database of Chicago, US-based human resource and investment consulting provider Blue Prairie Group, the company said.
Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Effective immediately, all data archives will be transferred to Fi360, and all future data will be available through Fi360's independent platform. As a result of this transaction, the research and data included within Stable Value Navigator will now be managed entirely by Fi360.
The acquired data is derived from the nation's leading stable value funds from over 35 fund managers and represents more than USD 450bn in assets.
Fi360 will maintain the collection, management and analysis of the data, making the reports available to advisors, broker-dealers and institutions through its Stable Value Navigator product.
The data and associated analysis provides a comprehensive overview of stable value as an asset class and facilitates proper due diligence among financial professionals.
Fi360 helps financial intermediaries use prudent fiduciary practices to profitably gather, grow and protect investors' assets. Since 1999, the firm has provided financial professionals with the tools necessary to act as a fiduciary in their work with investors.
Date Published: 11/02/2019
Target: Blue Prairie Group/ stable value fund quantitative research and database
Country: USA
Sector: Business and Consumer Services
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Agreed
Vendor: Blue Prairie Group
Buyer: Fi360
Terms of the deal were not disclosed