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dv01 Acquires Pragmic to Transform MBS Market
Friday 15 January 2021

New York-based capital markets fintech dv01 has acquired New York-based Pragmic Technologies, to bring new levels of transparency to agency MBS market, the company said.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

With the Pragmic Technologies acquisition, dv01 will develop a novel data infrastructure that resolves the traditionally slow and opaque reporting processes within the agency MBS sector.

Previously, agency MBS performance was reported on a monthly data update cycle, but now with its expanded capabilities, dv01 will be the first to provide investors with granular, intra-month performance insights, helping investors optimise their portfolio management and hedging processes.

To support this growth and technological advancements, dv01 has closed a USD 6m series B3 financing round led by Pivot Investment Partners and joined by new strategic investor, AGNC Ventures, LLC, an affiliate of AGNC Investment Corp. (NASDAQ: AGNC), a residential mortgage REIT with over USD 97bn in assets.

dv01 is a capital markets fintech driving technological innovation and loan-level transparency in structured finance.
Date Published: 15/01/2021