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Crowley Merges Liner Services Unit into Integrated Logistics Organization
Wednesday 05 December 2018

5 December 2018 - US-based marine solutions, energy and logistics services provider Crowley Maritime Corp. will complete the merger of its liner services group into Crowley Logistics on 1 January 2019 under a leadership of Steve Collar, senior vice president and general manager, the company said.

The Crowley Logistics business unit provides a singular source for customers to receive end-to-end services, including ocean, land and air transportation; commercial transportation management; supply chain and distribution services; freight forwarding and warehousing; and cargo risk and customs compliance.

Collar will have responsibility for all aspects of the Logistics organisation now a USD 1bn-a-year enterprise including commercial, operations, offshore and financial.

Integrating liner services into logistics was planned as part of a corporate restructuring announced earlier this year that yielded four business units: Crowley Fuels, Crowley Solutions, Crowley Shipping and Crowley Logistics.

This structure better aligns operations and increases the company's ability to bring solutions to customers by leveraging its strong culture and high-performance capabilities.

Collar is a longtime Crowley veteran. He joined Crowley in 1977 and has worked in a range of roles and businesses within the company, holding leadership roles in engineering, cargo services, technical services, terminal operations, and marine and petroleum operations. He most recently served as senior vice president and general manager, international services.

Jacksonville-based Crowley Holdings Inc., a holding company of the 126-year-old Crowley Maritime Corp., is a privately held family and employee-owned company that provides marine solutions, energy and logistics services in domestic and international markets.
Date Published: 05/12/2018
Target: liner services group
Country: USA
Sector: Water Transport
Type: Restructuring
Status: Agreed
Vendor: Crowley Maritime Corp
Buyer: Crowley Logistics,  
Terms of the deal were not disclosed