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Costas Acquires Atlas Nanotech to Enter Nanomedicine Marketplace
Wednesday 12 June 2019

12 June 2019 - Arizona, US-based digital media company Costas, Inc. (OTC: CSSI) has acquired Guadalajara-based medical nanotechnology Atlas Nanotech in an all-stock transaction that marks the company's entrance into the global nanomedicine marketplace, the company said.
The terms of the share exchange agreement include the appointment of new managing officers and a new board of directors, the resignation of Costas' current officers and board of directors and the retirement of 12.66m shares. The principles of Atlas are receiving 25m shares of CSSI subject to a lock-up agreement with staggered release of shares over a two-year period.
Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
The company has three fully developed nanomedical products including a patented nanotechnology treated gauze used in the treatment of diabetic ulcers and burn patients.
Nanogasa will reach the worldwide market this year.
Atlas has an additional seven unique new nanotech-based medical products in its development pipeline. Atlas is led by a team of highly qualified and well-respected professionals with outstanding backgrounds and reputations.
Costas Inc. was formerly known as Nano Creaciones SAPI de CV.
Date Published: 12/06/2019
Target: Atlas Nanotech
Country: Mexico
Deal Size: 1.645m (USD)
Sector: Healthcare
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Agreed
Buyer: Costas, Inc.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed