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Converge Technology Partners Acquires Blockchain Solutions Specialist Becker-Carroll
Tuesday 13 February 2018

13 February 2018 - Canadian IT infrastructure firm Converge Technology Partners, Inc. has completed their acquisition of blockchain solutions specialist Becker-Carroll, the company said.

The acquisition comes on the heels of Becker-Carroll's recent involvement in the implementation of Hyperledger Indy, a blockchain technology that enables enterprise applications and services to participate in digital, centralised identity (self-sovereign) ecosystems and organisations to establish trusted relationships with one another through a verifiable, claims-based architecture.

The knowledge gained from this and related initiatives positions Becker-Carroll to build enterprise-class self-sovereign identity blockchain solutions that respect and secure the privacy and liberty of the people and organisations that use them.

Becker-Carroll is a group of information and technical professionals committed to helping clients deliver trusted, high-value digital services headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

Their managing partners have been involved in IT and information management for over twenty years.

Under their direction, the company has grown into one that supports a common-sense approach to successfully transforming complex analogue and online services into fulfilling digital service experiences.

Converge Technology Partners is building a national platform of regionally focused IT infrastructure firms in the US and Canada by connecting best of breed services and solutions to clients.
Date Published: 13/02/2018
Target: Becker-Carroll
Country: Canada
Sector: IT/Online Services
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Buyer: Converge Technology Partners
Terms of the deal were not disclosed