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CertTech, WTI and Butterfield Engineering Combine as Genuen to Enhance Test Solution Development for Mission-Critical Applications
Wednesday 07 April 2021

US-based CertTech, WTI, and Butterfield Engineering have united as Genuen, a single company located in Kansas, which provides custom test solution development related to mission-critical applications and regulatory compliance, the company said.

Terms were not disclosed.

The combined companies now can more comprehensively serve government Prime contractors and leading Fortune 500 companies in highly regulated vertical industries such as national security, aerospace, medical devices, automotive and transportation.

The company will maintain all existing CertTech, WTI, and Butterfield Engineering offices and facilities as it continues to expand its footprint and technical staff to better support customers globally. Genuen also holds significant partnerships with major instrumentation developers and technology vendors.

Genuen partners with manufacturing companies to improve time to market while ensuring product quality and safety standards.

Genuen offers test solutions across the entire product development lifecycle with specialised focus on test systems including hydraulic, dynamometer, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, custom test systems, test platform development, and software development.
Date Published: 07/04/2021