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BVAccel Acquires Workarea Commerce Platform to Expand e-Commerce Services
Monday 15 April 2019

15 April 2019 - California, US-based BVAccel has agreed to acquire the Workarea Commerce Platform of Pennsylvania, US-based internal commerce agency of WebLinc Corp to expand and strengthen eCommerce service offering, the company said.

Workarea Commerce Platform will continue to operate as an independent business within WebLinc, accelerating innovation on the SaaS platform for enterprise merchants doing B2C and B2B digital commerce.

BVAccel said the addition of WebLinc's internal commerce agency strengthens the company's technical capabilities, and makes BVAccel the leading Workarea partner.

Through this transaction, BVAccel gains an East Coast presence in Philadelphia to complement their existing offices in San Diego, California and Columbus, Ohio.

Brand Value Accelerator (BVAccel), an August Spark company, is a new breed of end-to-end commerce consultancy that exists to drive meaningful results for digital brands.

Workarea is the commerce platform of choice for digital commerce innovators.

The platform combines enterprise B2C and B2B commerce functionality with robust content management, site search and merchant insights, giving the business unprecedented control and creativity.
Date Published: 15/04/2019
Target: WebLinc/Workarea Commerce Platform
Country: USA
Sector: IT/Online Services
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Agreed
Vendor: WebLinc
Buyer: BVAccel
Terms of the deal were not disclosed