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Bruker Acquires Prolab Instruments to Enhance Performance of Multiomics Solutions
Friday 21 January 2022

Wisconsin, US-based medical instruments manufacturer Bruker Corp. (NASDAQ: BRKR) has acquired Switzerland-based technology company Prolab Instruments GmbH, specialising in liquid chromatography technology and systems, to augment multionomics solutions, the company said.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

ProLab's innovations centre around micro and nano-UHPLC pump technology, resulting in the development of the unique Zirconium split-less pump technology for flow rates from nano-flow (4-800 nL/min) to cap-flow (1-10 µL/min) regimes.

Bruker's scientific instruments and analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels.

Bruker offers differentiated life science and diagnostics systems and solutions in preclinical imaging, clinical phenomics research, proteomics and multiomics, spatial and single-cell biology, functional structural and condensate biology, as well as in clinical microbiology and molecular diagnostics.
Date Published: 21/01/2022