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Imerys gets binding takeover offer for Imerys Structure business
Thursday 13 December 2012

13 December 2012 - French minerals extraction and processing company Imerys SA (EPA:NK) said it had received a binding takeover offer for its Imerys Structure business from domestic clay structure products manufacturer Bouyer Leroux SA.

The target, which has seven plants and a staff of 400, engages in the manufacture of clay building materials, such as wall and partition blocks and chimney blocks, that improve buildings' thermal performance and meet the requirements of low-consumption buildings. It is part of Imerys clay building materials division Imerys TC, which belongs to Imerys's Materials & Monolithics business group.

Imerys said it was currently examining the offer, which gives the target an enterprise value close to one year's revenues. Last year, Imerys Structure generated revenues of EUR95m (USD123.9m), it added.

The acquisition hinges upon the successful outcome of a consultation process with personnel representation bodies as well as upon regulatory approvals. A deal could be completed in the first half of 2013.
Date Published: 13/12/2012
Target: Imerys Structure
Country: France
Sector: Construction/Real estate
Type: Divestment
Status: Bidding
Vendor: Imerys SA
Buyer: Bouyer Leroux SA
The deal gives the target an enterprise value close to USD123.9m.