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Três Corações Acquires Coffee Business of Mitsui Alimentos to Strengthen Position in Brazilian Coffee Market
Thursday 20 February 2020

20 February 2020 - Tres Coracoes (3C), a joint venture held by Israel-based Strauss Coffee and the Sao Miguel FIP, has acquired 100% of Mitsui Alimentos Ltda's roast and ground coffee business from Mitsui and Co., Ltd., in Japan, and Mitsui and Co. S.A. in Brazil to strengthen position in Brazil's coffee market, the company said.
3C will pay BRL 201m (USD 50m) for Mitsui Alimentos's domestic coffee business in Brazil.
The acquisition of Mitsui Alimentos' roast and ground coffee business in Brazil follows acquisitions made in Brazil in recent years.
Mitsui Alimentos's roast and ground coffee business in Brazil has operated as part the company Mitsui Alimentos since 1974.
It holds a 3.8% share of the Brazilian coffee market and is the fifth largest coffee company in the country.
Grupo 3corações operates in the roasted and ground coffee and cappuccino segments, in the North and Northeast regions with Café Santa Clara and national vice-leader in soluble coffee. 
Date Published: 20/02/2020
Target: Mitsui Alimentos Ltda, ´s roast and ground coffee business
Country: Brazil
Deal Size: 50m (USD)
Sector: Food/Beverages/Tobacco
Type: JV
Financing: Cash
Status: Closed
Vendor: Mitsui and Co, Mitsui and Co. S.A.
Buyer: Tres Coracoes (3C)