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PullRequest Acquires Moonlight Developer Platform to Expand On-Demand Code Review Solutions
Thursday 20 February 2020

20 February 2020 - Texas, US-based code-review-as-a-service company PullRequest, Inc., has acquired the Brooklyn-based remote developer hiring platform Moonlight to expand developer reach, the company said.
Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Founded in 2017, Moonlight created a platform for remote developers to integrate into companies looking for expertise on software development projects.
In the summer of 2019, Moonlight raised a pre-seed round of financing from investors, including Goldcrest Capital, Haystack Ventures, and Fathom Capital.
Partnering will make it easier for PullRequest subscribers to write new code faster, and for Moonlight clients to trust the contributions of contractors.
PullRequest raised seed and series A funding from a group of investors led by Gradient, Google's artificial intelligence fund.
Date Published: 20/02/2020
Target: Moonlight
Country: USA
Sector: Computer Software
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Buyer: PullRequest, Inc
Terms of the deal were not disclosed