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Swiss EMS-Chemie sheds German unit
Thursday 21 January 2010

Swiss polymers and chemicals maker EMS-Chemie (VTX:EMSN) has unloaded its German automotive subsidiary EFTEC Aftermarket to Netherlands-based transport firm Facilitas Bergeyk, the Swiss group said today.

The purchase price stands at the high single-digit million euro range, EMS added without specifying.

With the acquisition, the privately-held Dutch company will significantly boost its anti-corrosion, sealants and adhesives business.

EMS expects the complete transaction to have an effect of around CHF25m (USD23.9m/EUR16.9m) on its consolidated annual net revenue.
Date Published: 21/01/2010
Target: EFTEC Aftermarket
Country: Germany
Sector: Chemicals
Type: Divestment
Status: Closed
Vendor: EMS-Chemie Holding AG
Buyer: Facilitas Bergeyk