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Entrepreneur Ozzie Areu Acquires Video Distribution Software Provider Endavo
Tuesday 13 August 2019

13 August 2019 - Entrepreneur Ozzie Areu, founder and CEO of Areu Bros. Studios, has acquired Atlanta, US-based video distribution software provider Endavo Media and Communications Inc., to develop content and distribution opportunities, Areu said.
Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Endavo is releasing features that rebrand their offering as a Video Distribution Automation platform, describing the combination of OTT optimisation, creator self-distribution and MCN into one powerful solution.
Areu will join Endavo's board of directors, and will work to open up new markets, forge expanded content relationships and form strategic alliances with major studios, networks and international output partners.
Endavo has been developing the platform that empowers OTT and multi-channel networks for over a decade, primarily focusing on digital media companies and TV service providers.
The company provides end-to-end video services delivery, turnkey content management and service creation, content and channel aggregation, and distribution for content creators.
Endavo is an OTT platform providing distribution, enhanced discovery, and development services to creative communities looking for new opportunities to showcase their creators, brands, and changemakers.
Ozzie Areu previously served as the president of Tyler Perry Studios, where he produced almost USD 1bn in production.
Date Published: 13/08/2019
Target: Endavo Media and Communications Inc
Country: USA
Sector: Media
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Buyer: Ozzie Areu
Terms of the deal were not disclosed