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Dutch Acomo to convene shareholders on Deli deal
Friday 14 May 2010

Dutch agricultural products trader Amsterdam Commodities (AMS:ACOMO) will hold a special shareholders´ meeting on 27 May to let shareholders vote on the proposed acquisition of the tea and seeds activities of Amsterdam-based trading and distribution company NV Deli Maatschappij.

Investment company Todlin NV, which holds a stake of some 6% in Acomo, supports the planned deal.

Acomo will pay some EUR100m (USD125.6m), including about EUR20m in debt, to buy Rotterdam-based tea trader Van Rees Group and US seeds trader Red River Group.

The takeover price consists of EUR67.5m in cash, EUR8m in shares and EUR5m in the form of a convertible loan.
Date Published: 14/05/2010
Target: Van Rees Group, Red River Group
Country: USA, Netherlands
Deal Size: 125.6m (USD)
Sector: Agriculture/Forestry
Type: Corporate acquisition
Financing: Cash & Stock, Debt
Status: Agreed
Vendor: NV Deli Maatschappij
Buyer: Amsterdam Commodities NV