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Advantage Trim and Lumber Acquires Two Sawmills in Brazil
Monday 17 July 2017

17 July 2017 - US-based hardwood supplier Advantage Trim and Lumber Co has acquired a new sawmill in Brazil, located just a few miles up the river from the company's existing kiln-drying and processing plant, Advantage said.

The facility will be overseen by the company's South American division director Viviane Peixoto, and exports will be handled by the company's US-based import/export manager Vanessa Carrano.

This new facility houses two separate sawmill lines that will process a combined 34,000 board feet of hardwood lumber per shift. There's a port for receiving barges carrying up to 850,000 board feet of logs at a time.

The grounds will include a 10-acre log yard that will stockpile up to 3m board feet of logs, allowing production to continue throughout the rainy season.

Advantage said the rough-sawing facility will employ 40 local workers in addition to the 120 employees at the company's existing kiln-drying and finish mill.

Advantage will also hire additional support staff in their US corporate office for handling the new sales and administration duties.

The company is working to obtain FSC certification for its new sawmill. This will complement the existing certification for all of Advantage's other facilities.

The new sawmill will provide rough blanks for processing at the company's kiln-drying facility, where it produces exotic decking, deck tiles, hardwood flooring, beams, live-edge slabs, turning blanks, industrial lumber, cabinet-grade hardwoods, and other FSC certified wood products.

Advantage Trim and Lumber is a supplier of sustainably harvested hardwood decking, flooring, and lumber, and was one of the first to sell wood products online.
Date Published: 17/07/2017
Target: New sawmill in Brazil
Country: Brazil
Sector: Agriculture/Forestry
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Buyer: Advantage Trim and Lumber Co
Terms of the deal were not disclosed